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Renewing your Subscription

In an effort to avoid interruption to your services, we will attempt to automatically process the renewal payment of your TotalAV subscription on the date shown in your Account on the Billing Overview section, If this isn’t for you though, we'll turn it off, simply email us.

Want to know how much your next payment is going to be? Easy! Everything you need to know about the renewal of your service is available in your Account section, here you can also find out the billing cycle you have signed up to.

Your renewal price will be different from your introductory price. This is because when you joined TotalAV you will have received an introductory discounted rate which on its anniversary will renew at the regular rate.

At TotalAV we have 2 different billing cycles for you to choose from: Monthly or Annual

If you feel you have been charged too much or charged for an upgrade that you did not want, please email us at and we can rectify the situation.

If your account has come up for renewal please consider the following points prior to contacting us:

  • Any discount received on your first payment applies to the first term only, renewal prices are without introductory discounts.
  • By default accounts are set for auto-renewal to prevent disruption to your service, this can be turned off at your request.
  • Auto-renewal payment is attempted 15 days prior to the renewal date.

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