BlueNoroff Threat Group Targeting Crypto SMBs

18/01/2022 According to a Kaspersky research group, BlueNoroff’s campaign, known as SnatchCrypto, fixes its crosshairs on companies dealing with cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, blockchain, decentralized finance, and the financial technology industry. The research group stated that the companies were specifically targeted, and that startups are generally no stranger... Hacked, $17,000 Stolen by Crypto Scammers

14/01/2022 Despite the hack lasting under 24 hours, the orchestrators apparently managed to receive just over $17,000 courtesy of their short-lived ‘double your money’ scam. On September 23, the homepage displayed the following fake popup to its visitors: “The Bitcoin Foundation is giving back to the community! We want to support our users who have...

Cybercriminals Linked to Nigerian Crime Syndicate Arrested by FBI

14/01/2022 The FBI’s operation targeted those associated with Black Axe, an organized crime syndicate which originated in Nigeria and has since spread throughout Africa and the world. 23 suspects were charged in Texas’ Eastern District, along with 11 in the Northern District. The group had been active since January 2017, according to US officials, and has engaged...

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TotalAV has achieved the maximum possible score of 18 out of 18

TotalAV has achieved the maximum possible score of 18 out of 18

05/07/2021 TotalAV has achieved the maximum possible score of 18 out of 18 in the AV-Test Windows PC full product test with near perfects across the whole test including 100% in both Real World Protection measurements. Details of Awards & Accomplishments can be found here >>

TotalAV Rated as AAA by SE Labs

TotalAV Rated as AAA by SE Labs

09/06/2021 It gives us to great pleasure to announce another top tier result. This time it is from the UK based testing organisation SE Labs. SE Labs testing is technically a little different from other tests and we do not actively subscribe to their testing. Nonetheless, it is fantastic additional validation to be able to have achieved this very positive result. Details...

	 TotalAV is Rated as ADVANCED+ by AV Comparatives

TotalAV is Rated as ADVANCED+ by AV Comparatives

08/06/2021 We are constantly working hard to improve our product here at TotalAV, and we are thrilled when our efforts are rewarded with a new award. So we are very proud to announce that due to excellent results showing a detection rate of 99.98% and only a single False Positive, we have recently been awarded the top tier 3 star award and a rating of ADVANCED+ by AV Comparatives...

Phishing Scam Targets US Military Members & Families

Squid Game Joker Malware App Targeting Smart Phones

Scam Twitter Bots Duping Users into Making Bogus PayPal Payments

And Joint #1 Goes to Totalav for Android