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How to configure TotalAV Password Vault

Password Vault is the best way to save, generate and store passwords securely. This video shows the basics of getting started with Password Vault in our Windows software. The process is almost identical on Mac. There is more information about Password Vault available on our knowledgebase: 0:00 Introduction 0:05 TotalAV Desktop Software 0:13 Supplying a Master Password 0:41 Installing the Password Vault Browser Extension 1:15 Saving a Password into the Vault

Making use of TotalAV VPN

In this video we show how easy it is to connect to VPN within TotalAV for Windows. We also discuss the reasons VPN is a useful security measure and finish looking at the VPN settings within the TotalAV Windows app. For more info on TotalAV and VPN, visit 0:00 Introduction to the benefits of VPN 1:41 Enabling VPN on TotalAV 2:46 Why is VPN useful? 7:17 VPN Settings

Troubleshooting Real-Time Protection Problems on Windows 10

Real-Time Protection is a key part of TotalAV Antivirus. It quietly runs in the background monitoring all files coming onto the computer and all files running for virus-like behaviour. It basically stops a virus before it can even begin wreaking havoc. Real-Time is quite an intensive computer process because it is always running in the background. For that reason, some Windows users may experience a few teething problems getting it running fresh out of the box, and that is what this video is all about combating. For more information, see this support article: 0:00 Introduce to Real-Time Troubleshooting 0:24 The Problem Summarised 0:42 Removing other Real-Time Antivirus 2:12 Removing Intel Rapid Storage 3:39 Ensuring Windows Defender is Disabled 5:06 Restarting TotalAV Background Services 5:40 Locating the TotalAV Service 6:07 Changing the Service Startup Type 6:34 Changing the PC response if Real-Time Fails

Using TotalAV Ad Block Pro

Ad Block Pro blocks advertisements on webpages from appearing whilst you surf the web. Not only does this enable you to focus on what you are doing, it also speeds up your browsing experience. In this video we look at how to enable Ad Block Pro, and compare what webpages look like when ads are visible, and when they are blocked. For more info on TotalAV and Ad Block Pro, visit

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