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How do I exclude files from virus scans?

Sometimes, perfectly safe programs display similar behavior to viruses and will be detected by TotalAV in a virus scan. This is known as a False Positive.

If you are 100% sure that a file or program that has been flagged by TotalAV is safe, you can exclude them from future scans.

Warning! Sometimes you may think a program is safe but it may contain a trojan.

Within this article you will learn:

  • How do I exclude files from virus scans
  • How do I report a False Positive to TotalAV

How do I exclude files from virus scans?
  • Open TotalAV
  • Click the settings cog in the side menu
  • Click Antivirus Scans

From here you will be able to choose if you want to exclude a file or a folder.

  • Locate the folder or file you want to exclude
  • Click Select Folder/File

The next time that you run a virus scan, this folder/file is excluded and not detected as a virus.

How do I report a False Positive to TotalAV?

If you are sure that TotalAV is detecting a safe program as a virus and would like to help the TotalAV community, you can send us the program in a zip file. If the program is virus-free, we will teach TotalAV not to identify the program as a virus.

To send us a false positive file follow these instructions:

  • Copy the program into a zip file
  • Click here
  • Select False Positive File
  • Enter your Name > Email Address > Add Comment
  • Choose the zipped file containing the program you want to submit
  • Click Submit False Positive File


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